Meet Mason

Mason is 19 years old and lives at home with his youngest brother and his mom. He is severely impacted by autism, epilepsy and other developmental delays. Mason is completely non-verbal and communicates using proloque2go, PEC’s, pointing at objects and/or bringing you things. Throughout the years caregivers, teachers and his family and friends have heard a few words randomly spoken, but no words that he uses daily. He is very smart and he has a really good sense of humor if you are keen to pick up the non verbal communication. Mason’s laugh is contagious and he thrives when his environment and days are structured and set up for success. He requires 2 support staff at all times to meet his needs, he enjoys the outdoors, recreational activities and being involved in the community.

Christmas of 2021 Mason was supported by his community support workers and he participated in a gingerbread contest. His entry was proudly displayed at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino where he placed second. He also did a community fundraiser supported by his service providers that involved 8 weeks of preparation and dedication making reindeer hot chocolate cups. Mason’s mom posted this activity on social media and each cup was sold for $10. He was very happy delivering the cups that sold and he was so proud to give Santa at the Magic of Christmas $650.

Over the years Mason has been impacted by long wait lists, lack of funding and resources for services and then becoming an adult and society has an unrealistic expectation for his level of development. He has some challenging behaviors that can result in property destruction, self harm while he is vulnerable to the elements and the general public. The cost incurred from these behaviors is significant and involves major plumbing issues due to constant flooding, replacing toilets, flooring, ceilings, baseboards, kitchen taps, couches, beds and various other household items due to repetitive stimming. Mason requires a home that is structurally built to encompass and support all of these challenging situations that can arise throughout his day. It is crucial that Mason has an environment strategically designed for this level of care so that his emotional, mental and physical well being can be met and he can live a fulfilled life.